Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Things They Say

OK, this is not really a crafty, creative entry...which I promised myself I wouldn't do...I plan this blog to be purely crafty, scrappy, etc...but Ella Rose said the funniest thing tonight and I had to share.

We were watching "Glee" after American Idol. (I know she is barely 7 years old, just 6 still, but this girl LOVES to dance and sing, and she loves herself some GLEE!) If you are a fan, you will know that "Glee" is only playing repeat episodes now, (returns April 13) but Ella Rose and I can never get enough. So, we are re-watching last Fall's season finale...you might remember the Glee kids go to sectionals, Emma (Irma?) is supposed to marry Ken Tanaka, Mr. Shue leaves his wife, the bad girls steal their songs...remember?

Anyway, the last scene features the Glee kids singing to Mr. Shue the now classic Kelly Clarkson power ballad "My Life Would Suck Without You" and we see Mr. Shue running through the school hallway to find Emma (Ms. Pillsbury). So, we are watching, snuggled up in the chair...Ella Rose and I are enthralled, nay, mesmerized, as Rachel and Finn are singing to each other....get ready...Ella Rose, oh so eloquent and yet casual, says..."Bad word, GREAT song". How cute is that?

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