Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Gift Idea That Will Make Her EXPLODE with Happiness!

Looking for a new and different idea for Mother's Day? Why not try this easy exploding box. When you lift the top off the box the sides "explode" or fall down to reveal 24 surfaces for pictures, notes, embellishments, and design while leaving enough room in the center to hold a small gift. This is a great way to present a gift, bag of candy, gift certificate or gift card instead of the standard card and envelope. And best of all, the box itself becomes part of the gift! Mothers and Grandmothers will explode when they receive this thoughtful gift!

Daydream Level 2 kit (X7108B)
White Daisy Variety Pack (Z1300)
Blush and Lilac Mist Re-inkers (Z2206 & Z2233)
Blush Collection Ribbon (Z1138)
Bitty Sparkles (Z1263)
Bone Folder (Z1204)
Spring Blossom Brads (Z1213)
Hole Punch
Tombo Adhesive

LID INSTRUCTIONS: Select a 12” x 12” B&T (background and texture) paper for your lid.

Find the center of the paper: the best way to do this, as all papers are not perfectly square, is to mark two diagonal lines from corner to corner.
Fold the corner points to the center point and crease with the bone folder. Fold the opposite sides to the center and crease with the bone folder. Unfold everything.
Cut along fold lines on opposite sides of the square. Do not cut into the center square, as this is the top of the box.
Refold the point of the triangular side to the center. Fold the tail over to match the diagonal and trim off the overhanging triangle. Fold the flap you have just created under the point piece. Repeat on the other three triangular sides.

Fold up the box top and wrap the points you’ve created around the outside. Line them up and punch holes through the entire thickness about half an inch from the points. Use double sided tape to hold the points in the center of the box lid. Use the brads to hold the sides together.

BOX CONSTRUCTION: Select three pieces of 12” X 12” cardstock or paper for the box.

Select a piece of 12” x 12” cardstock for the outside layer. Measure four inches in from each corner on all sides and then using the ruler draw lines creating a 4” square in each corner. Cut these squares out, you will end up with a cross. Fold each side of the cross using the bone folder to make your crease crisp. Now you have four sides, your top should fit right over them and hold them up.

Select a piece of 12” x 12” cardstock or paper for the second layer. Trim ½” off on two sides to make it 11 ½” x 11 ½” and follow the same instructions as above.

Select a piece of 12’ x 12” cardstock or paper for the third layer. Trim to 11” x 11” and follow the same instructions as above.

Use Tombo adhesive in the center square to hold the nested layers together.

Add pictures and/or journaling to each layer, front and back. Embellish each page and the top as desired.

Drop in a little gift and give to someone you love!